What tableware will you use to serve drinks at your party?

For two different reasons, glassware is not a good choice:

The better choice is to combine paper cups and paper drinking straws. They also diminish the risk of children spilling their drinks all over themselves.

Our Selection of Biodegradable Paper Straws

Our range of paper straws include the following brands. You can co-ordinate the designs with matching cups, plates, and other tableware.

The above range is only half the range of drinking straws we supply. See the full range of straws below.

All straws come in packs of 24 or 25 and are priced at less than $A5 per pack.

Consult with us to select the best party theme, shapes and colours for your tableware, cups, cutlery, and other party decorations. We are here to assist. We can even provide a theme specialist to select a co-ordinated and stylish theme for your party.