Who doesn’t love a good party theme? Sure, you can organize a kid’s birthday (or any get-together for that matter) with all the trimmings, decorations, and food you want, but there’s nothing quite like a specific theme or consistent colour range. A noticeable setting. Something that everyone will notice the moment they walk in. At the Little Event Company, in fact, we know how popular themed parties are, and as such, have dedicated a whole category page for the many options we happily provide.

Let’s take a little look at some of the themed parties we at The Little Event Company offer:

Baby Shower. Why not have your guests revel in the mint beauty and quality craftsmanship of a “Hello World” inscription. With plates, napkins, or balloons available, this party theme range is particularly popular.

Pirate theme. The old classic! With striped designs in black and white or red and white covering plates, cups, and drinking straws, our impressive Pirate party range is always a hit.

Pretty in Pink. Another highly popular party theme here at The Little Event Company. While we aren’t one to stereotype, this particular theme with a Princess centerpiece suggests a more of young girl’s birthday. Products include “Happy Birthday” napkins, party horns, honeycombs, pompoms, and beautiful, pink candles.

Princess theme. Feeling like combining the two? The Princess inscription in silver foil letters is another theme suitable for a girl’s birthday, and one that is often sought after. Party boxes, tiaras, and pink honeycomb balls accompany the tableware items to really sell the Princess theme. How regal!

Tea Party. A theme suitable for a tea or garden party. This theme includes coordinated tableware designs and decorations like honeycombs, garlands, paper chain, saucer crackers, and an attractive 3-tier centrepiece for cakes and snacks. Perfect for any occasion.

If you’d like to see some addition themes here at The Little Event Company, then head on over to some of our other theme pages. They include Christmas, Belle, Confetti, Goddess, Mermaid, Pastel, Secret Garden, Superhero, and Vintage Rose themes.