To add style to your party, include a party napkin for your guests. We offer a range of over 50 different party napkins. Our designer napkins include:

Find full details of different styles, colours, and decorative patterns below. Our range of napkins include many brand name products. Choose one of these and co-ordinate the style with other party products like plates, cups, cutlery, cake decorations and more.

Napkin Ideas that Add Style and Colour to Your Party

Here are some ideas that are an improvement on plain, white paper napkins. These are just some of the themes and styles included in our range of over 50 different napkins.

Visit our Napkin product page to see photo illustrations of our attractive designs and colours.

Blossom and Brogues. These napkins come with matching plates, cups, and straws.

Cocktail napkins. These include our Daydream watercolour napkins in grey, blush and white fold, the Erika Abstract cocktail napkins in brighter colours, and the Noir-Brush collection in bright gold on a black background.

Floral napkins. View styles like our Floral Escape, Floral Patchwork, and Floral Scalloped Edge.

Pirate Theme. As many others, this collection comes with matching plates, cups and straws:
 • Red and White Stripe napkins.

Happy Birthday napkins. These are perfect for a birthday party.

Marshmallow Pink collection. These 12x12cm napkins come in a pack of 20.

Hello World napkins. These are designed to welcome a newborn baby at your baby shower celebration.

Large Confetti napkins. These 3-ply napkins are part of our Blue Confetti range of decorations.

Sunrise napkins. These are part of our Sunrise party plates, cups and treat bags. They are high quality 3-ply paper napkins.

Whamkapow napkins. Do you want to add a bit of fireworks to your party decorations? These napkins feature power words like Boom, Zap, Wham, Kapow, and Phew!

Truly Romantic range. Do you prefer a more romantic style? Make a softer impression with our romantic range.

Your Instant Party Napkin Tutorial

There’s more to napkins than wiping your fingers and mouth. Here’s everything you need to know and some references that may be of interest.

Napkin Sizes

The napkins we supply vary in size from 12 x 12cm up to 40 x 40cm.

The Australian napkin industry generally complies with the following conventions about napkin sizes. All sizes listed refer to unfolded napkins:

Paper quality

Napkins and paper towels use paper made from pulped softwood fibers or recycled fibers.

Paper napkin specifications differentiate 1, 2, or 3 ply paper. The number of plies designate the paper thickness. The higher the number of plies, the higher the quality of the paper. You can distinguish the paper quality by the number of indentations in embossed paper. A 2-ply napkin can absorb more water than a single play napkin because it is more absorbent.

Each ply is manufactured separately and combined using a process called embossing.

The Art of Folding Napkins

Your knowledge and imagination in folding napkins can add style to your table setting. It can be time consuming so you may want some willing hands to help. It’s an ideal job for children who have acquired some dexterity with their fingers.

There’s a wide choice of folding patterns. You can try pretty bow, pocket fold, lotus fold, rose fold, pinwheel fold, pleated fold, lover’s knot fold, envelope fold, triangle fold, or candy wrap fold

Here’s two YouTube videos that illustrate how to do the folding:

Martha Stewart’s website about Party Craft and Decorations also has clear illustrations about napkin folding. Here’s the link: “The Art of Napkin-Folding”

Failing these, just Google “how to fold paper napkins”.

View our range of designer napkins below and make plans for your table settings. Remember how we make it easy for you to choose a party theme with co-ordinated style and colour for tableware and decorations.