Honeycombs are ball, bell, or diamond shaped decorations. A single pack of honeycombs has different size combs and different colours. When hung in groups of 3, they are positioned at slightly different heights as shown on our Honeycomb Mix page.

Honeycombs are attractive decorations that add an air of festivity to any party or celebration. People include them as Christmas decorations and hang them as decorations for kitchen tea or garden parties, birthday parties, and baby showers. People also use them as ordinary room decorations.

Unless you already know about colour mixing, you had better visit our Honeycomb Mix page to find out what decorative colour themes like pastel, oasis, or Malibu sorbet colours look like.

Check out our Honeycomb Mix page below where you will find a selection of about 15 different honeycombs.

The 3-pack mixes we offer come in colour themes with names like:

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