With tableware and party decorations chosen and ordered, there’s only a few pieces still to organise. We call these party accessories.

You need serving plates for food, pastry and party sweets. Place some doilies under the serving plates to add to the decor. These are small mats made of lace, paper, or linen you place under food dishes or bowls.

But before you set your table, you should add a nice table cover.

The rest of our party accessories are optional but they can add some additional style and merriment for your guests.

Remember those party crackers. You extend a cracker to the person sitting opposite or beside you at the table. Each of you pull at opposite ends of the cracker and, with a bang, it comes apart and drops a scroll of paper with a written quotation. Share this piece of written wisdom together, and with other people.

Our Selection of Party Accessories

Our party accessories come in five categories:

Visit our Party Accessories page to see photo illustrations, details, and prices for our range of party accessories.

Scrumptious Serving Plates

These are paper plates with attractive floral and bird imprints. These are perfect party plates on which to place snacks, pastry pieces, or other treats.

The plates are 30cm in diameter. We supply them in packs of 4 in 2 different designs and colour.


We offer two different packs in packs 24 paper doilies. The packs contain doilies in different sizes, designs, and colours.

These doilies add decorative quality and colour to the way you present your serving plates.

Table Cover

We offer a disposable table cover made of water resistant paper material.

It is approx 2.6m long and made in blush and white colours.

Saucer Crackers

You can choose between two different packs of crackers.

Both packs have a floral pattern. One pack has a light pink colour, the other a darker pink pattern.

Both packs contain 8 mini crackers.

Fiesta Parasols

Add these parasols to children’s cup drinks and put a smile on their faces.

The parasols come in a pack of 24 in different sizes and 4 different designs.

Call us now to complete your party preparation with a selection of these accessories.