Select your party cutlery from our range of stylish and decorative wooden and plastic cutlery. You can match their design with other tableware such as plates, cups, and napkins.

Whether you want a disposable, biodegradable, stylish, or colourful cutlery, our shop offers a range of colourful, wooden and plastic cutlery. They come in packs of 10 or 24 and in a price range between $4.95 - $10.95. Well worth the price considering the benefits and value they offer.

Put on your environmental hat for a moment and choose wooden cutlery.

When you are throwing a party, there are a number of items that are disposable. When most people think about plastic they automatically think about disposing it. This is not necessarily the case.  When it comes to plastic cutlery there are a number of benefits too.

   •   Reusable. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, most people associate plastic with being disposable. When it comes to plastic cutlery, this is not necessarily the case. You are able to reuse plastic cutlery for future events or you can even use them for barbecues and picnics. You don't necessarily need to dispose of them after you have finished using them.

   •   Lightweight. Plastic cutlery is lightweight. This makes it easier and more convenient for your events coordinator however, if you plan to reuse the cutlery, it is more convenient for you when it comes to picnics, barbecues or other events due to its portability.

  •   Sanitary benefits. If you do plan to only use plastic cutlery once, then plastic cutlery offers sanitary benefits. As plastic cutlery comes in individual packaging, this means that you can virtually guarantee the item is clean which minimises the spreading of diseases.

  •   Cost effective. The main benefit of plastic is that it is cost effective. It is less costly to manufacture which means that the costs are lower for the consumer. When it comes to transportation and shipping, the costs are also reduced because plastic is lightweight. If you plan to reuse the cutlery, it is also easier to clean which also reduces costs.

•   Variety. Plastic cutlery comes in a number of different colours which means that you can include it as part of your theme. This is particularly important for children's parties. Plastic cutlery also comes in different forms such as knives, forks, spoons and of course plates and cups.

You can include spoons, forks, and knives in your theme-oriented, decorative party design. Visit the Tableware section of this website and select Cutlery to view our range of natural wood and premium plastic cutlery.

Our Party Cutlery in Stylish Designs

Gold Foil, “Enjoy” range. Stylish and pretty, this cutlery is made of birch wood and feature gold foil details. They come in packs of 24 pieces.

Black Print. This is a brand name product made by Sambellina in Australia. The trendy cutlery, made in birch wood with black print details, includes their “Happy Birthday’ brand of spoons and forks. They come in packs of 24.

Pink and Grey Wooden Cutlery. This range from the Ginger Ray brand features stylish wooden design supplied in pink and grey colours. The supplier promotes this brand product as a wooden, chevron design. A pack of 18 cutlery pieces include forks, spoons, and knives.

Classic Wooden Forks and Knives. This is also a brand name product from the Harlow & Grey group. Made of natural wood, we supply them in packs of 10.

Modern Wooden Packs. These are 10-piece packs of plain, wooden forks, knives, and spoons. Undercorated and plain, these packs are inexpensive.

Premium Plastic Cutlery Set. Comes in different colors: black, pink, ivory, white, mint, blue, metallic gold, metallic rose gold, and metallic silver.

Gold Ornate Cutlery Set. This range from the Talking Tables features a stylish ornate golden pattern at the base. This stylish disposable cutlery set includes 6 forks, 6 spoons, and 6 knives.

As with all our party decorations, you can select cutlery with the same design and colour as other tableware like plates, cups, napkins, and cake decorations.

Visit our product pages now and make plans for including decorative style and design at your next party.