Our brand name party suppliers produce tableware and decorations in a harmonious combination of style and colour. They repeat design patterns and colour palettes in their products to produce a coordinated look and feel.

You can pick different tableware and decorations with the assurance that the designs and colours fit well together.

Our Harlow and Grey Party Supplies

This is a USA  supplier who offers tableware and decorations for people who like strong and vibrant colours. There are also products in soft colours like their Daydream design theme.

Harlow & Grey Plates

We offer party plates in six different designs. Visit our Brands > Harlow & Grey page to see our photo illustrations. These are plates with the following design themes:

Harlow & Grey Cups
Harlow & Grey Napkins
Harlow & Grey Drinking Straws
Other Harlow & Grey Products

Call us now and let us help you combine tableware and decorations into one unified and coordinated party theme.