A pompom is a decorative tuft of material made from wool or ribbon paper. They are soft and fluffy and people use them as party décor.

The word originates from the French word pompon. Mispronounced by the English, it became pompom, pom pom, or pom-pom. In French, it referred to the plumes Hungarian medieval army soldiers wore on their helmets.

Having mentioned that piece of trivia, I know some readers will disagree. Pompom also has an association with traditional Scottish dress where men wore a floppy beret topped with a bright red pom-pom. So much for the linguistics.

Our Range of Decorative Pompoms

Visit our Decorations Pompom page to see the colourful range we offer. There are decorative pompoms in varieties called:

Some of these pompoms are fitted with ribbons. They make a beautiful backdrop for a candy buffet or event space. Visually, they fill an empty space with a floral display.

You can hang them in a corner of your room to add decorative atmosphere, or place them as a table centerpiece.

We supply full instructions on how to make these pompoms.

Call us now to arrange your next party décor. If it suits you, we can supply a party stylist to arrange a co-ordinated party theme.