Have you ever wondered why we place candles on a birthday cake and invite the person or child, whose birthday it is, to blow out the candles?

The tradition of birthday cakes and candles has its origin in ancient Greek mythology. People baked moon-shaped cakes and offered these to Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon. The candles shone like the moon and the smoke from the candles carried their wishes to the moon for Artemis to hear. This is the tradition we still retain when we ask the celebrant to blow out the candles with one powerful breath accompanied by a silent wish.

When you purchase and place candles on the birthday cake, do you follow the old German Kinderfeste tradition of placing a candle called the “light of life”? If your child turns 4 years, you place 5 candles on the cake, the last one placed in the middle where it represents the hope of a good life for another year.

It is also our practise to ask the birthday boy or girl to cut and eat the first piece of cake.

Our Colourful Candle Selection

The candles we offer are decorated in different shapes and colours. We offer our attractive and colourful candles in packs of 16 or 24 pieces.

Here are some of the candle colours and patterns designed to make your birthday cake look attractive.

All candle packs include candle holders.

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