What would a party be without balloons and confetti? The innocent, omnipresent balloon has conquered the world as a party symbol. Adults and children alike, anywhere in the world, instantly associate balloons with some kind of party.

What about confetti? They are small pieces or streamers of coloured paper thrown around on festive occasions - a natural complement for balloons.

Balloons and confetti are essential items for any celebration. The confetti are ready-made items, the balloons need some attention; they have to be inflated.

You know, of course, that balloons filled with helium gas have a nasty habit of floating away into space while those filled with air are better behaved and stay with the party guests. This is why we tie balloons into clusters and fasten them to ceiling lamp fittings, door frames or door knobs, chairs, tableware items, or other anchor points.

Our Confetti Party Supplies and Decorations

We offer a limited range of balloons and confetti. Still, we have enough to experiment with some of the creative ideas listed below. They are ideas on how to decorate your party with balloons and confetti.

Balloons.10-pack “Hello World” balloons.
Confetti. Box of tissue confetti in orange, lilac, and pink colours.
Mega Pack. Our Mega Pack of balloons, confetti discs, twine, and a cardboard tube (funnel) for inserting the confetti into the balloons. The pack contains:
 • 8 balloons
 • Bag of confetti disks in 4 different pastel colours
 • 8 lengths of twine for making balloon tails

Balloon and Confetti Decoration Ideas

The Craftionary website has a wealth of ideas on how to decorate balloons, place and make balloon bouquet arrangements, combine balloons and confetti in attractive designs, and more. They all include clear and illustrated instructions.

You can also visit  Pinterest Balloon Arrangement for creative ideas.

Life is nothing without the occasional creative challenge. Here are two challenges you can figure out for yourself.

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