Your best choice for serving drinks is a combination of paper cups and paper drinking straws. Our designer paper cups add style and colour to your tableware.

High quality paper cups are disposable and, unlike plastic products, they are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment.

See our collection of three dozen different paper cups made by different brand name suppliers. You can also look at our Brand page, or Party Themes page and select a matching design theme for all tableware, including plates, cups, straws, napkins, and products for table and room decoration.

Our Brand Name and Theme Related Cups

To plan a coordinated and consistent party theme, refer to the following overview of brand name cups listed by supplier name. The list also identifies cups included in our pre-designed themes.

This arrangement makes it easy for you to see how you can best include your cups in a party theme. The brand suppliers and our pre-designed party theme both include matching design patterns and colours for tableware and decoration..

Brands Themes
White with Silver Gold Polkadot Cups  Christmas theme
Blue Candy Stripe Cups  
Blue Floral Cups  
Pink with Gold Foil Polkadot Cups  
White Floral Cups  
Meri Meri  
Gold Confetti Party Cups Christmas theme
Mint Marble Cups Mermaid and Secret Garden themes
Pastel Cups Pastel theme
Superhero Cups Superhero theme
Rainbow Cups  
Ginger Ray  
Mint & Rose Gold “Hello World” Cups Baby Shower theme
Pink & Silver Foiled “Princess” Cups Princess theme
Mint & Gold Foiled “Hooray” Cups  
Talking Tables  
Pink & Gold Cup Mix Belle and Pretty In Pink themes
Truly Fairy Butterfly Cups  
Harlow & Grey  
Daydream Party Cups Goddess theme
Colour Block Cups  
Erika Navy Colour Block Cups  
Noir - Colour Block Cups  
Wander Gold Triangle Cups  
We Love Sundays  
Confetti Dot Cups Confetti theme
Tiny Square Confetti Cups  
Sunrise Cups  
Pink Metallic Confetti Cups  
Illume Partyware  
Gold Stripe Cups Christmas theme
Gold & Pink Stripe Cups  
Rose Gold Floral Cups  
Rose Gold Stripe Cups  
Silver Stripe Cups  
Paper Eskimo  
Blue Confetti Cups  
Pink Confetti Cups  
Mint To Be Cups  
Summer Bows Cups  

There are two easy ways to view and select a suitable party theme for our tableware and decorations.

Call us now if you need help in finding the most suitable products for you party. We are always here to help.

Our simple order process includes prompt delivery by Standard, Registered, or Express mail. Just click the photo illustration for a product and we present an Add to Cart button that takes you to the order page.