When anyone mentions the word ‘party’, many instantly think cake. The sweet showpiece. The main event of any rocking shindig or celebratory gathering. Be it a themed birthday, a graduation celebration, or even a wedding, the cake is often considered the centerpiece. The talking point. The culmination of the whole event. Luckily then, at The Little Event Company, we specialize in the very best when it comes to decorating your sweet lump of sugar by offering an extensive range of the very latest cake decorations, candles, and cake toppers.

Cake Stands and Centerpieces

These pieces stand unashamedly on top of the cake, and really bring out a sense of theme and creativity. With our range of Cake Stands and Centerpieces, you can easily find something that best suits you and your upcoming event.

Our Colorful Candle Selection

Candles often go hand in hand with a delicious, carefully-crafted cake, and as such, The Little Event Company offer an abundance of choice with either our 16 or 24 candle packs. Feel free to visit our Candles page and pick out something that will compliment your cake, and with a range of glitter candles, striped candles, and specialty birthday style candles, you can be sure you’ll find the right candles at the Little Event Company.

Cake Toppers

For something a little classy that really captures the essence of your celebration, our Cake Toppers range is where it’s at. Choose from cake toppers with unique text messages which suit any occasion, that as well as looking sophisticated, come in a range of colors and designs to match. Not feeling a topper? Then head on over to our Trend Party Picks as a sophisticated alternative!